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DBOWL: A Scalable OWL-DL Reasoner

DBOWL is a persistent and scalable OWL reasoner. Ontologies are stored in a relational database, using a description logic reasoner to pre-compute the class and property hierarchies and to obtain all the ontology information (i.e. properties domain and range) which is also stored in the database. Furthermore, a simple but expressive query language has been implemented, which allows us to query and reason on these ontologies. Currently, we are implementing a SPARQL query engine for DBOWL.


It supports:

  • Ontology Storage in a Relational Database.

  • Tbox reasoning on OWL-DL ontologies.

  • Abox Reasoning on OWL-DL ontologies.

  • Querying OWL-DL ontologies using ECQ (Extended Conjunctive Queries).

  • Simple SPARQL queries evaluation.



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