Khaos Research is participating in an event organized by the European Cooperation in Science and Technology

Experts and developers from across the Semantic Web community are gearing up for an exciting hackathon event focused on addressing the challenges of federated querying. The event aims to identify and solve the difficulties associated with retrieving and integrating data from remote Knowledge Graphs using federated queries.

Federated querying is an essential technology for the effective and scalable implementation of Semantic Web technologies. However, the dynamic nature of knowledge graphs, heterogeneity in terms of ontologies and vocabularies used in datasets, and the lack of FAIR metadata make federated querying over multiple knowledge graphs a challenging task. This hackathon event will bring together use case providers and providers of federation tools to tackle these challenges head-on.

The hackathon will feature three use case providers who will present practical challenges related to writing and executing federated queries across multiple datasets. The use case providers will also prepare potential queries that will be used in the hackathon event. Additionally, the tool providers will test their federation engines or virtual KG integration systems and provide clear documentation to address the challenges brought by the use cases.

The goal of the hackathon event is to identify challenges and use cases of federation engines and bring together use case providers and tool providers to work on practical solutions. By hosting this event, the Semantic Web community hopes to make significant strides in improving the effectiveness and scalability of federated querying.

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