Resources and sotfware applications developed by the RedBD groups

DBOWL: Is a persistent and scalable OWL reasoner. Ontologies are stored in a relational database, using a description logic reasoner to pre-compute the class and property hierarchies and to obtain all the ontology information (i.e. properties domain and range) which is also stored in the database.

SBMM: Systems Biology Metabolic Modeling assistant (SBMM assistant) is a web application to consult basic metabolic information, to build metabolic models, and to annotate them in SBML files with external resource annotations suggested by MIRIAM.

Geotrip: Allows recommending content to users based on their geographic location, the recommendations of other users and the related significance of the information they are consulting. All this means an intuitive user interface that has been specially developed to be used on last generation mobile devices.