AutoDock + jMetal

Molecular docking is a method for structure-based drug design which attempts to predict the position and orientation of a small molecule (ligand) in relation to a protein (receptor) in order to produce a stable complex. The goal of molecular docking techniques is to find states with a minimum biding energy. One of the most widely used software packages for this purpose is AutoDock, which incorporates three metaheuristic techniques for that purpose. We propose the integration of AutoDock with jMetalCpp, an optimization framework thereby providing both single- and multi-objective algorithms that can be used to effectively solve docking problems. The resulting combination of AutoDock + jMetalCpp allows users of the former to easily use the metaheuristics provided by the latter. In this way, biologists have at their disposal a richer set of optimization techniques than those already provided in AutoDock. Moreover, designers of metaheuristic techniques can use molecular docking for case studies, which can lead to more efficient algorithms oriented to solving the target problems.