E-COMPASS: E-COMmerce Proficient Αpplications in Security and Sales for SMEs

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E-COMPASS project offers to SME Associations an opportunity to provide to their online SME members real time and on-demand web-based applications that independent SMEs could not afford or have the business capacity for ordering customized applications from large IT and software providers. Objectives: - to extract generally-applicable patterns of fraudulent activity based on real transaction data available from online SME merchants. - to improve the transparency and readability of the automatic fraud detection process, so that the SMEs can easily interpret the final risk scoring of each order on the grounds of several suspicious characteristics or associations suggested by the system. - to create a dynamic fraud-detection framework being able to adapt to new, possibly unknown, types of malicious activities that are possible to occur during real-time operation - to develop a mathematical algorithm that classifies and links available products and services, pricing strategies, consumer habits and social reputation for fostering SME sales - to apply well-known statistical analysis, integrating three different sources of information: offer side, social side and consumer side.
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Big Data
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Korinthos Chamber of Commerce (EPK)-Greece
Halton Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise (HALTON) – UK
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